Stuff that bores us: YouTube videos of driving through the Fort Pitt Tunnel (there are over 100 of them). Stop it! Unless you actually capture the Tunnel Monster on film, stop contributing to making this city more boring than it already is. And to all the thousands of people who watch these videos: if you are so interested in the Fort Pitt Tunnel experience, why don’t you relocate to Pittsburgh, find a job out near Robinson, and sit in the traffic for 1+ hour every day.

Then of course there’s the angry guy in the video below. He’s ranting about the traffic as he drives into the tunnel while trying to explain the phenomenon of “Pittsburgh tunnel phobia”. The problem isn’t a phobia, buddy. The problem is idiots with Flip recorders trying to take videos while driving through tunnels. And the guy in front of him didn’t hit his brakes because of a phobia, it was because the battery icon on his Flip cam started blinking and he had to reach for the charger to plug it in.

Don’t bother watching it if you’re scared of the F, S, and MF words

1986 news report about a fire in the Fort Pitt Tunnel

Retro local news clips are always fun to watch. Check out that Beetle and the mess of a traffic jam it caused. Three traffic scenarios that would be the ultimate suck: 1) if you were on your way to the Pens game; 2) if you really had to pee; 3) if your fuel light was on.