Squirrel Hill Tunnel Closed, No Traffic on Parkway 376 West Inbound in Pittsburgh!

The Squirrel Hill Tunnel was closed all weekend due to construction (which is going to cost about $50 million and take years to complete). Major detours caused heavy traffic to build up and funneled motorists from Monroeville into Regent Square and through Squirrel Hill. The city was a mess. Cars were running out of gas and overheating, and the extra Kennywood traffic didn’t help.

The bright side is that we were able to capture some photos of an empty parkway West, free of inbound traffic for once! Wouldn’t mornings be so much more delightful if this is what 376 looked like every day? There would be a lot less jagoffery and Pittsburgh would be a little bit less boring! Then again, if the Parkway was always that clear it probably means this video game became real.

Parkway 376W with no traffic due to construction on the Squirrel Hill Tunnel

Oh, hey, there yinz are!

Detoured traffic on Forbes Ave going to Squirrel Hill