Map of Free Street Parking in Pittsburgh

Free Parking in Pittsburgh
Free Parking in Pittsburgh
Free Parking in Pittsburgh

A couple of yinzers got so sick of getting parking tickets and boots that they started mapping out all of the free street parking areas in the city. So far, the map references permit free and meterless streets in popular neighborhoods like Southside, Oakland, Squirrel Hill, and Shadyside. This is a collaborative effort, so if you know of some free parking zones in the Burgh feel free to edit the map and add it in… just watch out for the street sweeper!

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21 thoughts on “Map of Free Street Parking in Pittsburgh”

  1. I see two problems with this. a. you’re also giving the city a map of how to dismantle free parking, and b. you have a big blue blob right over my house where I only get to park about once a month as it is because of the people from the surrounding streets (which BTW do not all have parking as you seem to indicate) parking on my street, including workers from nearby businesses on Butler Street. I’ll give you an “eh” on this one.

    1. D’oh!!! This has been interesting to read the posts. My responses: a. you’re mostly just completely crude, sound drunk in the middle of the day, b. in case you don’t recall it’s not legal to put a chair out and when I do that someone either steals it or takes it off the street, c. I have found my own spots to park free when going dahntahn, but they require me to walk a mile and a half to work so I can’t do that all the time, d. parking during prime happy/bar hours is even worse for the RESIDENTS of Southside and other primary entertainment areas between 9-1 or 2 am. I have to park on the sidewalk if I come in after 8 most weekend nights because there are no spots for 6 blocks around me. Get a grip.

      1. You really have a thing for a, b, and c’ing your thoughts, don’t you? a. How can you say I am crude for making a Pittsburgh joke about parking chairs? b. If parking during entertainment hours is what bugs you, then free parking is irrelevant. c. Move to North Hills or Monroeville, plenty of free parking for everyone.

  2. Hey that’s fine, I LIKE walking three blocks from my car to my house! And I’m sure my 80-year old neighbor would be even more thrilled. Nothing makes me happier than getting home between 9pm-1am on a Friday or Saturday and circling the neighborhood for half an hour. Assholes…

    1. You make zero sense with this comment. 9pm-1am on Friday and Saturday is free parking everywhere anyway. You’re the one who sounds like an asshole imo.

  3. I have to agree with the above two comments. Its hard enough to park in front of my own house. All the cars that seek free parking near the business district weave block by block to flood the residential areas. Its the unintended consequence of raising meter prices, now even less people are willing to pay it, and really AGGRAVATE the residential areas. And you are making it worse!

  4. Agreeing with all of the above comments. Luckily, my street isn’t highlighted, and I’m certainly not about to. I’m within walking distance of a business district, but with no less than four thousand other apartment buildings on my street, if I try to get home after 8pm forget about parking. I love feeling super unsafe walking home 5 blocks at night.

    I love how people are smart enough to make a mashup map, but too stupid to realize the impact and implications that this has on the rest of us.

    This is not a city where you can rely on public transit. I pay a bazillion bucks to take a 4 mile bus ride that lasts for an hour, each way. I pay another bazillion bucks for car insurance because I cannot rely on the bus system in off-business hours.

    I swear to god if my street gets turned into permit parking and I get stuck with a fee I will light this website on fire.

    1. I love maps like this, I don’t see why everyone is throwing a tantrum over it and this site for posting. If that’s the case, go light Reddit on fire since that’s where it was posted first. And Reddit has way more influence than this local Pittsburgh site so you’re a bit askew in where you’re anger is directed.

      BRB, I need to go edit the map now. I know at least 10 free parking streets around town and I’m happy to contribute. Peace!

  5. For Fucks Sake! Someone Should Make A Douchebag Map And Place A Marker On It For The Location Of the Fuckers Who Put This Map Together. Parking Is Bad Enough As If I Need To Come Home At Night To Find My Street Filled With People Going To Party All Night.

  6. This map has nothing to do with occupying your self absorbed shitbag parking spots. It’s about avoiding the areas where one would get an expensive ticket simply for parking a vehicle in a City where it is nearly impossible to travel from point A to point B easily due to a poor public transit system and roads that are unfit for bicycling.

  7. No more free parking on Lytton, Tennyson, Parkmand or Bigelow in the Schenely Farms Neighborhood. Tickets are $45.

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