Baling the Christmas tree

Compost your Christmas tree in Pittsburgh

Not to rush you out of the holiday spirit, but once you’re ready to take your Christmas tree down, please be sure to have it composted. You already chopped down a perfectly healthy, living tree for 3 weeks of enjoyment, the least you could do is give it a proper burial back to the earth it came from. Some of the compost will even be used in parks around the city.

The City of Pittsburgh offers a tree recycling program during the month of January. So don’t go putting your trees out on the curb for garbage collection, instead take it to one of the four drop-off locations listed below. Just make sure the stand and all of the ornaments are removed first, and do not deliver it in a bag.

  • East End – N. Dallas Ave at Hamilton Ave. (map) 412-665-3609
  • Hazelwood – Melanchton Ave. (map) 412-422-6524
  • West End – 1330 Hassler St. next to Herschel Park (map) 412-937-3054
  • Strip District (only in January) – 3001 Railroad Street (map) 412-255-2773

Christmas tree recycling dates/hours:
Monday – Saturday, between 8:00am – 2:00pm.
The Strip location only takes trees in January.
All other locations recycle trees year round.

How much does it cost?

But what if I just put my tree on the curb?
It will go to the landfill and not be recycled!

Don’t be lazy. Compost your tree!