The Golden Rule for the holidays "KMS: Keep Mouth Shut" -Fortune Cookie

The Golden Rule for the holidays... pass it on

The holidays are finally here! That means spending precious time with your family (but it also means spending time with the family members you’d rather forget about… and the in-laws).

Boring Pittsburgh wishes you and yours a  wonderful, safe, and unboring holiday, which is why we’d like to share this enlightening tip recently found in a very wise (and tasty) fortune cookie:

The Gold Rule…for the holidays

Q. What is KMS? A. Keep Mouth Shut, the golden rule.

That’s the best way to glide through this holiday season without any of the useless drama: zip your lips and throw out the key. And don’t forget to pass this on to all the people in your life you wish would just keep their damned mouths shut!

Happy New Year!