Yinz Can't Park! Jagoff drivers in Pittsburgh

Yinz Can’t Park started out pretty simply; I stopped at a GetGo on my way home from work and parked near me was a car taking up two spaces. I took a picture and just for fun, posted it to Instagram and Facebook.

There was a great response from my friends and, as a joke, I replied “I should start a website called ParkingDouche.com.” Turns out there was already a website and an app with a similar name, but it got me to thinking about narrowing it down to something more specific to Pittsburgh.

I’ve lived in Pittsburgh almost my entire life and my family has deep roots in the city. I grew up in the South Side in the 1980’s, and I remember what it was before it became what it is today. I remember hearing “yinz”, “dahntahn” and “jagoff” on a daily basis, so calling the site “Yinz Can’t Park” and Photoshopping “JAGOFF” license plates on to cars is both funny and nostalgic for me.

The response to Yinz Can’t Park has been terrific and photo submissions have been coming in from all parts of the Burgh. In fact, I’ve actually been getting pictures from former residents of Pittsburgh, locations ranging from New York to Ohio to Utah.

Posted by Dan Greenwald
website | @yinzcantpark (Burgh Verified)