Love Bikes Tee

If you’ve read anything I’ve written in the past you know that I love to ride my bike. I loved it so much that one day I designed a little logo to represent that love. I thought it looked pretty cool. So cool in fact that I got it tattooed on my leg. I know what you’re thinking. “Sexy ankles!” I get that a lot. Then, after looking at it day after day, I decided I wanted it on a shirt. And, I wanted it to reflect so that when I was riding people would be able to see me.

That idea led me down a screen-printing wormhole. I found a local screen-printer willing to collaborate with me. By “collaborate” I mean he was cool with me coming into his shop and making a mess trying to figure out how to print a reflective ink onto a t-shirt without ruining it or the ink. Long story short, the reflectiveness of the ink deflects the heat during the curing process. That requires a higher heat and initially some seriously shrunken tees. There was a little too much of my belly showing for sure. After several shirt styles and a 1/2 dozen ruined tees we finally achieved the ultimate success with this LOVE BIKES TEE. It’s one of those super soft 100% combed cotton American Apparel tees. The graphic just seems like a cool print during the day, but reflects a bright white at night. The back graphic is located in the lower left to be in a vehicles line of sight but still below that sweet messenger bag you’re probably wearing.

I eventually decided to share the shirt with the world because it was just so freaking awesome. The tee’s are printed old school style with a hand pull making each one a bit unique. We only printed 30 of each size so you’ll definitely be getting a unique shirt. And if I can sell them all (and hopefully break even!) I can make more cool bike themed reflective shirts in the future. I’ve got one with a skull on it in mind.

Available in Men’s sizes Medium/Large and Ladies Small/Medium. The Men’s Medium size is a similar size to the Ladies Large. Men’s are black. Women’s are navy.

You can purchase the tee’s or find more details online here or request one directly at

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Love Bikes Tee Blue Womens

Love Bikes Tee Blue Back

Ryan Allan Getting His Love Bikes Tattoo

Ryan Allan's Love Bikes Tattoo

Love Bikes Spoke Tattoo