This Michael Moore style Pittsburgh documentary was released a while back, but the trailer just resurfaced on YouTube by a user called chippedchoppedham. Back in 2008,  My Tale of Two Cities: A Comeback Story was Carl Kurlander’s gift to the Burgh. Now it can be your gift to a Pittsburgh relative or neighbor. Click here to order the special edition DVD on Amazon.

This funny and heartfelt film tells the story of how this once great industrial giant that built America with its steel, conquered polio and invented everything from Aluminum to the Big Mac is now reinventing itself for a new age. Starring some of Pittsburgh’s favorite neighbors from Steeler legend Franco Harris to Teresa Heinz Kerry as well as Pittsburghers from New York to L.A. singing the city’s unofficial theme song “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” For more information or to order the DVD, the Perfect Pittsburgh Present, go to

Watch the extended trailer