Thursday , 26 February 2015

Oh My Gawd! Tornado Boy T-Shirts Just Landed!

Tyler Tubbs the Tornado Boy T-Shirts
Tyler Tubbs the Tornado Boy T-Shirts

Get out here guys! The Hempfield Tornado Boy from this viral video just launched his own t-shirt. The front of the shirt says “Spartan Tornado Relief” and the back has the transcript from Tyler Tubbs’ video in the shape of a tornado. This is a tornado guys! All of the proceeds from the shirt sales are being donated to the American Red Cross.

Shirts are only 10 bucks, unless you need an XXXL – those are $14. You can order a shirt with this form here, but we probably wouldn’t recommend mailing a form with your credit card number and three digit security code lol. Better to just call them. We got a twister, you see that twister?

Tyler Tubbs the Tornado Boy T-Shirt (back)
Tyler Tubbs the Tornado Boy T-Shirt (back)



  • Samantha

    How far away is Hempfield from Pittsburgh? I didn’t think Pittsburgh gets tornados.

    • tyler tubbs

      about 40mins east (greensburg)

  • @tylertubbs17

    buy t-shirts!

  • JennGrover

    Oh, bit we do get tornadoes. We have had an F5 tornado in the area before and let’s not forget the June 1998 outbreak where one hit Mt. Washington.

  • Jimmy Franks

    That young man is in high school, and he’s already speaking with a Y3 (Yinzer of the third degree) dialect. Imagine what he’s gonna sound like when he’s in his 30’s. He’ll sound like a dying pelican with a mouth full of marbles and a brain full of LSD.

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