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PITSburgh Limited Edition Tees and Hoodies

PITSburgh Tees and Hoodies From The Cotton Factory and Hello Bully

PITSburgh Tees and Hoodies From The Cotton Factory and Hello Bully

The Cotton Factory is a PITSburgh based t-shirt company with a big heart for two things: the Burgh and canines. If you’re an animal lovin’ yinzer, they made a shirt especially for you. Throughout the month of October, pick up these limited edition tees and hoodies to help raise awareness about Hello Bully, a local non-profit team that seeks to rescue, rehabilitate, and repair the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

If you are a Pittsburgh lover, buy a shirt. If you are a Steelers fan, buy a hoodie. If you love pit bulls, buy a shirt and a hoodie! If you are one of those douchebags that walks around town like a tough guy because you have a beautiful pitbull on a leash with a pinch collar, do not buy a shirt. And finally, if you are an animal abuser, do not buy a shirt or a hoodie – drive downtown and jump in a river instead!

PITSburgh gear is available online October 1 through October 31. For every shirt sold, the Cotton Factory is giving 5 bucks directly to Hello Bully (and $7 for hoodies). Tees start at $18; hoodies start at $27. Get them with gold or pink on black. Tees are printed on American Apparel.

Pit Bull

Pit Bull (pic by robswatski)

Pit Bull

Adopt! (pic by maplegirlie)


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  • Stacey

    I want one!

  • Geno

    Probly the coolest Pittsburgh shirt I ever saw

  • Mike

    Is Hello Bully a Pittsburgh thing?

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Hi Mike, yes, Hello Bully is located in the Burgh!

  • http://Na Lisa

    That is a badd ass shirt! And I totally get disgusted when I see guys with Pitt Bulls and those awful collars. They say they are for training purposes, I don’t buy it.

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