Anyone who is actually from here has heard countless stories about Pittsburgh’s past and how this was once a flourishing town of industry. But most of us only know it as a city with old rust infested mills and abandoned steel communities surviving through years of struggle. A lot of Pittsburghers from those neighborhoods could use some help. Especially in Braddock, PA.

Brandon Grbach and his Dead Bury Dead clothing and accessory company are doing just that. In a joint effort with Steel City Cotton Works (creators of the Pittsburgh Zombies shirt), they built a site called Second Chance Pittsburgh. Through this project, they’re helping others who are going through tough times – with basic essentials like warm clothes on their backs and food in their stomachs.

You can pitch in to help give folks in Braddock a second chance by ordering a limited edition It’s Heatin’ Up in Braddock Pennsylvania t-shirt from Steel City Cotton Works. This awesome tee is pictured below. All proceeds will go toward improving the clothing room facilities so that they can better serve the community.

Second Chance Pittsburgh: It's Heating Up in Braddock, PA