CMU Ultimate Frisbee Team "Mr. Yuk"

"Mr. Yuk" jersey by the CMU ultimate frisbee team

When some people hear “Ultimate Frisbee” they might think of a bunch of hippies throwing a flat ball back and forth. They couldn’t be more wrong! Ultimate is a rapidly growing sport played both recreationally in many city leagues, and at highly competitive elite levels in high school, college, and club leagues. In fact, Pittsburgh has a very strong Ultimate community with seasonal recreational leagues, regional caliber mens, womens, and coed club teams, a strong high school league, and competitive college teams at University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

The CMU Ultimate team (affectionately named Mr. Yuk after UPMC’s poison control icon) has been working hard this year as they train for the college series that takes place in the spring. A group of dedicated athletes and strong coaching staff, Mr. Yuk Ultimate has traveled to several tournaments this fall in the Mid Atlantic region. They foster a strong work ethic both on the field and in the gym that is encompassed by their motto: Do Work!

Currently, CMU Ultimate is competing in a jersey design contest organized by VC Ultimate, a supplier of Ultimate gear. Their jersey concept has been posted in a photo album on VC Ultimate’s Facebook page amongst the other entries, and the photo that receives the most ‘Likes’ wins. VC will be printing the winning jersey for the team for free! This will save the winning team a lot of money, and as a club sport at CMU that receives limited funding from the school, winning will be a huge achievement for the program. Even more importantly, it will put the Pittsburgh team on the map.

Thank you for you votes. The contest ended on November 1st.
CMU Ultimate Frisbee Team "Mr. Yuk"

CMU Ultimate Frisbee Team "Mr. Yuk"

CMU Ultimate Frisbee Team Mr. Yuk

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