OMG CMU - A funny Facebook page about life at Carnegie Mellon

OMG CMU - A funny Facebook page about life at Carnegie Mellon

A new community page recently popped up on Facebook to help alleviate the pains of being a Carnegie Mellon University student. OMG CMU is a funny an innovative social outlet for voicing complaints and observations around the campus.

Taking ourselves less seriously one photo at a time.

The page is a major hit so far, proving that a healthy dose of taking-ourselves-less-seriously is definitely in need. As humorous as most of the posts and photos are, a recent poll reveals that the funniest part about the page is the “ability to relate” to the statements in the photos.

Being a CMU student ain’t easy. You’re constantly busy – or at least constantly busy pretending to be busy. The pressure is insurmountable – or at least the pressure to appear under pressure is. And you know those kids who say they forgot to study, but always get perfect scores on all the exams? Those kids go to CMU.

Don’t get me wrong, the workload is probably higher than other schools, but so is the long standing tradition of whining about it. This is supposed to somehow make us appear to be smarter and more valuable to prospective employers. The funny thing is that it actually works. Sad but true.

Case in point: Carnegie Mellon sits about 5 blocks from a university that is named after the city it’s in, but as a CMU undergrad, I am confident that I automatically have a higher chance of landing a decent job (perhaps before I even graduate) compared to the average Pitt student. Not to mention double the salary plus signing bonus. Just because my resume says CMU. I lack actual facts to back up this claim, but trust me when I say it’s true.

Do we really work harder though? Maybe we do. But just take a quick stroll through Hunt Library and you might feel as if you were walking through the offices of a testing facility for Facebook (not Twitter, we don’t really use Twitter). That’s what makes this new OMG CMU facebook page so perfect – it gives CMU students a chance to have fun, use Facebook, and whine about CMU all at the same time… in our own anti-social communal way.

No matter how much stress you are under, everyone needs a good laugh. Upload your unique and quirky experiences at CMU and share a chuckle with your fellow students.

Contribute to OMG CMU:

  1. Write something and tag it with #omgcmu
  2. Take a pic of yourself with your note using Apple’s Photo Booth software or use this site
  3. Upload your pic to the OMG CMU wall