Boring Pittsburgh #BurghVerified Cupcake by Steel City Confections

Steel City Confections Cupcake of the Month for February 2011

Pittsburgh’s number one (we just know you can’t get that song out of your head), but the city has also been first in a lot of different areas. As Charlie Sheen would say: winning. also knows a few things about being first. For example, the first ever “cupcake of the month” at Steel City Confections was the Boring Pittsburgh #BurghVerified cupcake! In celebration of this honor, we held a Pittsburgh Firsts contest on Twitter. The first #BurghVerified member to tweet to most Pittsburgh firsts in a single tweet (up to 140 characters) wins a dozen glorious #BurghVerified cupcakes!

It was not only fun, but also a lesson in Burgh facts and trivia. Here are some of the tweets we received:

Tiffany Harkleroad TiffanysblogsFirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirst @BoringPGH firstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirstfirst

Ok, just ignore that one lol

Tiffany Harkleroad Tiffanysblogs@BoringPGH big mac mr yuck terrible towel ferris wheel zombie opera secret agent l donut burgh verified shirt steely mcbeam (7/8)

Cassandra Peindl twentyfive2life@BoringPGH 1st heart liver & kidney transplant. 1st Big Mac 1st US Pub TV Co. 1st Comm radio station 1st gas station 1st World Series #Burgh (5/6)

Steph StephanieG143@boringPGH bsebll stadium bigmac retractabledome,mr.yuk,pulltabs,zippo, emoticon,polio vac,public tv statn,comm radio,gas statn,movie theatr (11/12)

Kristy ‚úŅ PghRunner@BoringPGH WQED,MrRodgersBigMacGasStationWorldSeriesMovieTheatre BaseballStadium:-)BingoPolioVaccinePullTabsPrimantisIronCity TerrTowelMrYuk (14/15)

Christine Iwanski ciwanski1@boringpgh 1st heart/liver/kidney transplant-89 1st internet emoticon-82 1st robotics institute-1979, mr. Yuk sticker-1971, 1st big Mac-67 (7/7)

Eric Carroll AiXeLsyD13@BoringPGH #BurghVerified Ferris Wheel, Big Mac, Pull-Tab, Mr. Yuk, Radio, PBS Station, Zippo, Gas Station, Banana Split, Baseball Stadium! (7/10)

Dana Scully, bitches Feed_The_Birds@BoringPGH First city to have an organized EMS system (Freedom House) and first place to thoroughly develop life saving CPR (Peter Safar) (1/2)

John Kostuch kostuch@BoringPGH commercial radio, air brake, jeep, 4 super bowls, unsupported dome, big mac, world series game, zippo, ferris wheel, (6/9)

Anna C 29believe87@BoringPGH all-Aluminum Buldng,Polio Vaccine,U.S.Public TV Station,Retrctble Dome,Nitetime World Series Game,Robotics Centr,intrnet emoticon (7/7)

Happy Harry HappyHarryClown@BoringPGH BigMac ūüôā PolioVaccine MrYuk AirBrake 6SuperBowl KDKA Heinz PullTab Zippo Bingo DST FerrisWheel BananaSplit RobotInst MrRogers (13/16)

Amanda Schaffner itsamanda9@BoringPGH the vaccine for polio was invented in Pittsburgh. But more importantly, we put fries and slaw on a sandwich before anyone else. (2/2)

Tiffany Harkleroad Tiffanysblogs@BoringPGH mryuk mrrogers bigmac ferriswheel terribletowel secretagentldonut artinstitute bananasplit jonassalk nelliebly airport car bank (7/13)

Kristy ‚úŅ PghRunner@BoringPGH WQEDBigMacGasStationWorldSeriesMovieTheatre BaseballStadium:-)BingoPolioVaccinePullTabsPrimantisIronCity TerrTowelMrYuk (13/14)

Here’s the breakdown in order of tweet (hover over links for excerpts):

Since Pittsburghers usually interchange WQED with PBS, and since WQED was the first “community-sponsored TV station” we gave people public TV station and PBS, but could not give ferris wheel, zippo, or banana split.

Many of these so-called Pittsburgh facts are copied and pasted around the internet, but a number of them are incorrect. Does that mean some of this town’s pride is based on twisted facts and false history? Who cares, we still have the most Super Bowls!

Congratulations @PghRunner for scoring 14/15