Pittsburgh Parking Authority on Yelp

Pittsburgh Parking Authority is on Yelp! Yinz won’t get the same sick satisfaction that the meter maids get when they tag your car, but it could be a healthy way to vent. We’d all give them 0 stars if we could, but the minimum rating on Yelp is 1 star. Some user was trying to be funny and gave them 5 which bumped the rating up half a star. Let’s bring it back down. Don’t just take their crap, exercise your voice and hold this mafia-like “Authority” accountable for screwing with the residents of this city.

Here are some of the highlights so far:

This organization is basically the very definition of Tyranny.  They have set up a system of absurd parking laws, and metering prices that ensnares pretty much everyone who needs to park or drive in the city of pittsburgh in their trap…

Horrible and ridiculous…there appears to be a pattern here PPA.  And nothing but one star reviews,  it’s not a great pattern to have.

The Pittsburgh Parking Authority is a joke… The Parking Authority Office itself is in a section of downtown that’s not easily accessible by public transit, of course parking is limited, and the people who work in the office are not pleasant.

…I’ll just say this…do they really want us downtown?  How are we going to keep the revitalization going if we can’t even afford to park there!!

This is one of the slowest, most inefficient, and most disrespectful parking establishments I have ever dealt with (and I thought I have lived, parked, and got ticketed in many cities across America and other parts of the world).

I don’t know why yinz are complaining. Every time I deal with the Parking Authority I get a free colonoscopy.

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