T-Rex and the Terrible Towel at the Pittsburgh Airport

T-Rex with a Terrible Towel at the Pittsburgh Airport #thatspgh

The other day, a couple of tweeps (@jaschaffer and @earad412) on Twitter started a locally trending topic called #thatspgh. They didn’t catch as much flak over it as we did with our #thiscityneeds tag (all the crybabies must have been over on Facebook). Read a few of the funny tweets below and see which ones you agree or disagree with:

One time we started a local trend on Twitter with the tag #thiscityneeds. It all started with a few tweets about how we want a reliable cab company, better radio stations, a new mayor, bike lanes, etc. It’s Twitter, so there were a few douchebags (as could be expected) that chimed in with negativity, but our followers rocked the topic with some thoughtful responses about stuff they’d like to see improve in the Burgh. Thankfully we attract readers who feel that true love for a city means confronting what’s wrong with it and offering ideas about how it could be improved. Facebookers were slightly more receptive to the topic – as usual.

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