The folks at Hockey Gods bring you some love for the Pittsburgh Penguins with their version of Wiz Khalifa’s, Black and Yellow. Have a laugh on us, it’s Pure Entertainment!

The lyrics…

Yeah, uh huh, I love them Penguins cuz
Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow
Yeah, uh huh, my favorite player was
Tom Barrasso, Tom Barrasso, Tom Barrasso

Yeah, uh huh, just listen to this
The only thing we do, we do is win
Yeah, uh huh, we’ll win the Cup again
Mama look at me, I’m straight Pen-ga-win

I remember Mario and Jagr when they won it back to back
91 and 92, and 91 and 92, and 91 and 92
It was a dream team but then it seemed they had a heart attack
They kind blew, they kinda blew, they kinda blew

Pitt Pen-ga-win, they gotta lotta dough
I’d say it’s probly cause that motha-pucker Mario
Aw yeah, they built a dynasty
We drafted Crosby
Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, and Marc-Andre Fleury
Haters hate and they always wanna tell us
But that’s ok, ’87 make ’em jealous
No love for ’em Crosby when they’re hot
Check my wagon, push to start

Yeah, uh huh, the Philly Flyers suck
Pronger you’re a baby, why’d you steal that puck
Yeah, uh huh, oh yeah and Washington
You’ll never win a thing with Ovechkin
Something something, at least you’re not a Leaf
That is true, and that is true, and that is true
If you agree with what I’m sayin’ we should just nod our heads and believe
Nodding to and, nodding to and, nodding to and

Awww, yeaaaahhhh
We back in this Igloo bringing you guys some hockey like you ain’t never seen before
Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Vetchkin, No way maybe not Ovechkin but we gonna beat him too!
What you guys gonna do?
When we comin’ at you
When I come to, the Igloooooooo!

Yeah, uh huh, I’m a Pen-ga-win
Yeah, uh huh, I’m a Pen-ga-win
Ya’ll better get ready for this yo
Yeah, uh huh, Pittsburgh Penguins
I ain’t Mic Jagger yo, I’m Jaromir Jagr yo
I was skatin’ with swagger yo
Y’all ready for thiiiiiis?

Yeah, uh huh, I’m a Pen-ga-win
Black and yellow the only thing I’m ever in
Yeah, uh huh, they wear black and gold, baby blue embarrassin, not what I was told

Something something, they told me that my song was out of date
Now you know and now you know and now you know and
No matter what the color the Pens are gonna win this ain’t up for debate
Got it goin’ got it goin’ got it goin’

Black and Yellow the Penguins Remix by

Black and Yellow the Penguins Remix by

Performed by MC Five Hole
Directed by EVIL Patrick Shannon (and Bill Paladino)
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Let’s Go Pens!