Move over Crosby and Fleury, and meet one of coolest penguins in Pittsburgh! Say hello to Mickey, one of the four macaroni penguins at the PPG Aquarium. When you start to lose faith in your favorite hockey team, just remember Pittsburgh has other Pens that want your attention too, check them out at the Pittsburgh Zoo! (video)

This is Mickey. She’s a macaroni penguin. Take as many pictures as you’d like, she’s a superstar. She is a very old bird, she’s about 26 years old. And very, very personable, she’s one of our birds that we do tours with all the time. She’s very people oriented so she doesn’t mind being touched, petted, patted. Like I said, she could care less, she’s very people oriented so you’re not going to scare her or upset her. Those arm bans are for identification. They’re not sexually dimorphic, the boys look the girls, the girls looks like boys, they all look the same. So we have bands on all of them so we’re able to tell who they are. It’s a colored number code…

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