What an exciting night at Mellon Arena last night! Not only was it hat night at the Igloo, it was Sidney Crosby’s 4th career “hat trick“. In case you don’t already know, that’s what it’s called when a hockey player scores three goals in a single game – Crosby did that not only once, but twice! It’s customary in the NHL to toss your hat to the ice after a player scores a hat trick. Look at all those hats toward the end of the video above!

The next best part of the game was hearing the fans yell “happy birthday” to Pens goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury, who just turned 25.

The Penguins will be facing the Rangers again on Monday at 7:00pm. This time the game is in New York. Can they pull it off again? So far the Pens have 8 straight losses when playing at Madison Square Garden. Monday night will change all of that! Go Pens! Watch the game on FSN or click here to listen to the game live online for FREE.