28 Hours Later, after the Steelers lost Super Bowl 45 to the Packers

28 Hours Later after the Steelers lost Super Bowl 45 to the Packers

Pittsburgh is in mourning.

The sad reality is settling among its inhabitants who, for months, lived in a Twilight Zone-like dimension.

The heaviness and depression intermingles with the almost always gray skies of a city that offers only 59 days of sunlight — yes it is true, someone bored to death actually counted them — Steelers fans are deeply wounded, sad, but above all defeated down to the core.

In moments like this one, Pittsburghers are more like Borgs.

The black and gold entity has traveled for months and assimilated (or destroyed) everything in its path. Even new born babies at local hospitals could not escape this fate. Encased in yellow cocoons, lined up in sterile cribs they had no choice other than becoming part of this “Steelers thang”.

The strange looking oval shaped shiny ball called the Vince Lombardi trophy was necessary to power the egos of a forever boring city. It would have given them fuel. A reason to party some more, eat more pierogies and keep postponing the New Year’s resolution to loose weight… so you can look more and act more like Roethlisberger.

And speaking of number 7…

It was 3:52 AM, I was watching the game in Europe, broadcasted live, suddenly a terrifying thought came upon me. What if in those last two minutes of the final quarter Roethlisberger would have thrown the magic ball?

Perhaps we could have witnessed a unique phenomenon. Churches could have been erected in honor of Number 7.

Finally a real reason to worship and legalize the unspoken religion of Steelerism, which in Pittsburgh is only second to Christianity – or is it?

We shall never know that dark truth.

Pittsburghers need to take care of those fans who are in emotional distress. Counseling perhaps could help to cope with this. I feel the Rooney’s, the city, Giant Eagle, or someone… must think of the fans! Indeed, some kind soul should provide fans with psychologists and counselors.

And for those ones who are strong enough to endure the pain, spiritual regeneration will occur in the early spring when the local TV stations will unfold the greatest news of all: Steelers Camp in August. The necessary fuel to power the Steelers fans machine.

Remember, you are in Steelers Country:

Resistance is Futile.