412 Official Music Video (Boom Boom Pow Steelers Remix) + Lyrics

Steelers bye weeks are boring! But while the team is getting a day of rest this week, the Steeler Nation should check out Steelers Videos to get their supplemental fix. In the meantime, check out the music video for the Pittsburgh Remix of the Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow” by a group of U. Pitt Steelers fans!

412, Gotta get that
412, Gotta get that
412, Gotta get that
412, Gotta get that

Yo if you don’t rep my city block
Then we leave you in the cold
I got that black and gold
That Pittsburgh Soul
Six Super Bowls down
Seven is coming around
Wanna act like champions do?
Better rep that 412
I got that 412 style
Got me wavin’ that terrible towel
They try to slow down our swagger
We’re going to the Super Bowl now
We got two thousand eleven
The stakes still lucky number seven
With my hair like Polamalu
While I cheer for the 412

412, Gotta get that
412, Gotta get that
412, Gotta get that
412, Gotta get that

Ziggy Hood he never quits
Perfected the lightning fast blitz
Suisham he got the kicks
Mr. Brown takes charge quick
Check out that super 86
Smilin’ like he’s posing for pics
From Texas to your HD flat
My team is where it’s at

Straight from the Burgh we do big things
All the bling bling already have 6 rings
Harder, faster, better, stronger
See Heath Miller go extra longer
Cuz no one can touch this town
We gonna shut it down
We are the best the 412
And that is world renowned

People in the place
If you wanna get down
Wave your towels in the air
DJ Stoof drop the beat now

I be rockin’ them rings
I be rockin’ them rings

Here we go, here we go
Listen on the radio
Y’all get ready for the Boom Boom
Team so big that everyone knows
how we bring on the Boom Boom
Offense brings the Boom Boom
Defense brings the Boom Boom
This team got Tomlin Tomlin
This team got Boom Boom

Holla back to the team above all
Check it out there goes Mendenhall
He’s runnin for his down the field ball
And no matter what the ref calls
Harrison will knock you out
Steel Curtain’s what we’re all about
Even for those who had first doubt
Now we’re black and gold and proud

Boom Boom Pow 412 Pittsburgh Steelers Remix