Antonio Brown #84 for the Pittsburgh Steelers new Chest Up, Eyes Up, Prayed Up Clothing line

First Down Brown’s new clothing line

Not only has Antonio Brown made the Pro Bowl and been voted Most Valuable Player by his teammates, First Down Brown also recently launched his online store with some sweet hoodies and tees for Steelers fans. CUEUPU!

Now you can get your very own “Chest Up. Eyes Up. Prayed Up.” gear. They also have a special limited edition Pro Bowl 2012 tee. We love the new designs, but what we really want to see is a shirt with Mr. Brown doing his touchdown celebration! A motion graphic of the dance on an article of clothing would be epic with a capital E.

Chest up. Eyes up. Prayed up.

Simple and catchy. Sounds like something a television writer created. But it’s a mantra for life and football that guides Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown daily.

“That’s my slogan. That’s my motivation. I’ve been using that since I was a kid. It’s something I’ve always believed in and something that always helped me persevere. I pride myself on believing that if I keep my chest up and my eyes up, and I remain prayed up, I have what it takes to move forward and get the good out of any situation that may hinder me … it provides me with peace. Every day presents challenges; its all about your attitude and how you go about it.” – Read More

The new tees are available in all sizes from kids to ginormous. Priced from $19.99 to $26.95. Shipping is an overpriced $7 per shirt. C’mon guys, a Priority Mail flat rate envelope is only $4.75 when you pay online.

Hoodies run $50 to $55 depending on the size, plus $10 per hoodie to ship within USA (this shipping price is much more reasonable since hoodies are heavy).

Antonio Brown and his new Chest Up Eyes Up hoodie

Antonio Brown and his new Chest Up Eyes Up hoodie