Antonio Brown with fans at the Captial Grille

Antonio Brown with two lucky fans at the Captial Grille in Pittsburgh

Just when it felt like Steeler Nation hit rock bottom, the Steelers woke up this morning and made a team effort to pull everyone back up.

Several of the players were chatting it up in full-force on Facebook and Twitter, especially Antonio Brown. It was great to see these guys interacting directly with some of their fans.

When First Down Brown and Wes Saunders tweeted an open invitation for everyone to meet them for dinner, a lot of their followers probably didn’t take it seriously. After all, some celebrities tweet stuff because they feel obligated (or they just have someone else do it for them). But when #84 welcomed the world to share a meal with him at the high class Capital Grille in Downtown Pittsburgh, he meant it.

Talking directly to the fans was obviously therapeutic for everyone involved. They reminded us that they’ll be working even harder next season, and we reminded them that we still have their backs – but most importantly, we reminded each other that there’s more to life than sports and celebrity.

Antonio Brown AntonioBrown84 – Capital grill bruh @Wes_Saunders88: @AntonioBrown84 where we goin for dinner brudda (1/9/12 11:02am)

Antonio Brown AntonioBrown84 – All followers meet me at capital grill for dinner tonight at 730! #cmelike (1/9/12 11:03am)

Antonio Brown AntonioBrown84 – …first 3 fans here get free meal on me #CmeLike (1/9/12 7:49pm)

Antonio Brown AntonioBrown84 – Great meal at capital grill two great people joined me for meal (1/9/12 9:54pm)