Packers & Steelers Super Bowl-Get Victory eBay Auction

Packers & Steelers Super Bowl-Get Victory eBay Auction

We all know the Steelers are going to kick some Cheese Packer ass on February 6th, but there’s nothing wrong with an extra dose of good luck! And that luck is up for bid.

Christopher Wilno is an endurance sports enthusiast who runs to make a difference. So far, he has used his athletic ability to raise $80,000 for charity. Now, with Seventh Heaven upon us, he intends on using his proven bad luck in choosing football teams to raise even more money for a good cause…

Over the past few months, I have come to notice I have horrible luck when I really take to a football team, buy their hat, and cheer them on.  It started with Boise State.  They were making their run at a BCS championship.  I have watched and rooted for Boise State over the past few years.  I finally caved, bought their hat, wore it and cheered while they lost to Nevada to end their run at a championship.  More recently, I bought an Oregon hat to see them lose the BCS championship game and even more recently I bought a Falcons hat to watch them get destroyed by Green Bay in the playoffs. In the spirit of turning my misfortunes into blessings I am going to auction off my bad karma…

If the highest bidder is a Pittsburgh fan, I will supply my services as an avid Green Bay fan.  If the highest bidder is a Green Bay fan, I will simply do the opposite and be a Pittsburgh fan.  You see, my cheering for the opposing team gives you a very good shot at winning the Super Bowl.

Here is what he will do for the winner:

  • Buy the opposing team’s hat
  • Become an avid fan up to and including the Super Bowl
  • I will smack talk your team, which in my history virtually guarantees my team will lose and you will be a proud winner of the Super Bowl champion.
  • Cheer loudly and obnoxiously on Super Bowl day in real life and on Twitter under the name @run2savelives
  • After the game, I will either mail you the hat or video tape my setting it on fire….your choice

All of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the winner bidders name! The winning bid is tax deductible.

The Burgh loves the Steelers, but our city loves charity even more. That’s why Carnegie Museums and libraries are located all over the world. It’s also why proceeds from sales of Terrible Towels go to Allegheny Valley School. Every year, people travel from all over the country to watch the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, which has raised over $2.5 million for charity over the past 27 years. The Heinz Endowments are some of the largest philanthropic organizations in the country and they issue $60+ million in grants to nonprofit groups each year. Even your favorite football players know a thing or two about giving. For example, Hines Ward has his Helping Hands Foundation and Troy Polamalu started these two charities. The list goes on.

We encourage you to click here and read the full story behind the auction to learn more about why Chris does what he does. He has a lifetime goal of raising $100,000  – with only 20k left until the finish line, he should be able to beat his goal with flying colors. Maybe a large Pittsburgh company will hear about this and use the opportunity to secure some good luck for the Steelers and help a good cause at the same time.

I believe blessings come from every situation, every person has the ability to make a difference. -Chris Wilno

Update 2/3/11 at 3:30am: It appears that eBay randomly removed the auction link earlier this morning without an explanation. Chris (the guy who started this thing) relisted it as a 24 hour auction. If you already placed a bid, please do not let this deter you from bidding again. Go match your previous bid! Here are some tweets from he found out his auction was pulled:

A lot bummed. Fighting @ebay over the #beatcancer auction. Nobody live to talk to so not sure what the issue is. Feel like I let folks down.

@ChrisHancock11 @LyricJunkie @CrusePhoto not sure. Too much traffic? Maybe @eBay likes cancer. New site is up but all press links wrong now

@CrusePhoto if you find, can you send to @LJ3000 . Thanks Rich. Feel like @eBay just ripped money away from cancer research


Update 2/6/11 at 1:45am: Chris wrote an update post in his blog here about his eBay auction experience and the publicity his cause has received.

Thanks to @MichaelSally for the tip.