Eminem and the Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel

Eminem "The Terrible Towel Gangsta" (a satiric imitation)

Eminem mentioned Big Ben again in his latest album, Recovery. You might recall the last time we wrote about the rapper was when he dissed our fun-loving quarterback in a song called Despicable.

When putting together that article, it was noticeable that for some reason, every piece of local news coverage was sure to let readers know the song wouldn’t be included in his latest album.  They were correct, Despicable was a freestyle that was released by Eminem’s manager on his site RapRadar.com and was not part of the Recovery playlist.  But… the rapper actually ended up mentioning not only Ben Roethlisberger, but the terrible towel as well.

For those of you that are sensitive to offensive language and stuff, this might be a good time to click on to the next post: Social Media Day at the Warhol

Eminem Recovery Terrible Towel Album Parody

Eminem Recovery Album, Terrible Towel Edition (a satiric imitation)

At the beginning of track 14, titled Almost Famous, Eminem eloquently spits the following verse:

I stuck my **** in this game like a rapist
They call me Slim Roethlisberger
I go berserker than a fed up post office worker


For a gangster ya sure did **** your pants when you saw that chainsaw get to waivin’ like a terrible towel

Troy Polamalu "Hairy Helmet" Antenna Balls

Then, in the untitled song called “Untitled“, Eminem shouts out our favorite hairy helmet, Troy Polalmalu!

Shady, I don’t understand your flow
Understand my flow?
Bitch, I flow like Troy Polalmalu’s hair, boy
Don’t you dare try to follow or compare, boy
I’m raw, you ain’t even medium-rare
Stay the **** out of my hair, boy

Uh, Detroit Lions fan? Eminem is clearly a big-time Pittsburgh Steelers fan!