Hines Ward wearing an OBEY shirt in his DUI mugshot

Hines Ward wearing an OBEY shirt in his DUI mugshot

Hines Ward and his manager are claiming that he was not driving under the influence of alcohol – or, at least that he was not over the legal limit. Ward was arrested in Georgia on July 9 at 3:41am and released on $1,300 bond (or $1,000, there are mixed reports).

From our preliminary investigation, we can tell you that we are confident that the facts will show that Hines was NOT impaired by alcohol while driving… However, Hines is deeply saddened by this incident and apologizes to his fans and the Steelers organization for this distraction. – Andrew Ree (Ward’s agent/manager)

If this is true, that would make it the second time he’s been cuffed for crimes not committed since being on that celebrity dancing show.

Not DUI, you mean DWT

Hines Ward was pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence after a cop saw his Aston Martin swerve out of the lane. True, Hines admitted to having a couple of drinks that night, but would two drinks cause a big guy like him to get drunk? Or was his swerving caused by DWT (driving while texting)? Hours before the incident, Ward posted this message on his Facebook page:

How many of you guys and gals text while driving? I am bad at doing that. It’s very unsafe. Help remind me from time to time to stop texting, tweeting, or facebook while driving. Let’s help each other!

WTF Hines Ward?

Perhaps the worst decision Hines Ward has made in his career was to go on Dancing With the Stars. Before you get all pissed off at that suggestion, think about it. Previous to DWTS, Ward was one of the more low-key players in the NFL. He didn’t get into any trouble, he just played the game. Since his championship routine on the dancing show, he’s been arrested twice for crimes that he didn’t commit (at least we’re taking his word for now that he didn’t commit the second one).

This isn’t to say that DWTS caused him to make bad judgment calls, but rather that since being on the show he is now a full blown celebrity and everything he does is being observed through a magnifying glass for the slightest opportunity to get a story out of it.

Blame Ray Lewis and the Law of Attraction.

Don’t be an asshole.
Don’t drink and drive.



We feel compelled to share this update. According to this article:

…Ward failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a Breathalyzer. Police said he told them he was at a downtown club and had two drinks… The officer who wrote the report said he conducted five field sobriety tests on Ward, including what is called an Alco-Sensor test, which indicated that Ward had a blood alcohol reading of .128. The legal limit is .08.

So did he refuse the breathalyzer or not? Alco-Sensor is a type of breathalyzer, and apparently don’t give the most accurate readings.


It’s a shame how these so-called news agencies recycle the same story over and over and say it’s from their “news exchange partners”. BS!