Chef/Coach Tomlin side-by-side as displayed by

Chef/Coach Tomlin side-by-side as displayed by

Some tweeple on Twitter think that the Steelers’ coach, Mike Tomlin, resembles a character on South Park. It all started yesterday when rapper Fabolous responded to a trending topic on his Twitter account with the following tweet:

#whatitlooklike Mike Tomlin (pittsburgh steeler coach) look like a South Park character lol

The message was retweeted over 225 times – mostly by people agreeing and LOL’ing, some said he looks more like Omar Epps (someone even thinks Tomlin looks like

After browsing pictures of South Park characters, it didn’t take long to figure out that they’re referring to Jerome “Chef” McElroy. We don’t see the resemblance.. and we don’t care as long as the Steelers continue “unleashing hell” for the rest of the season! Omar Epps maybe! What do you think?

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