There was a great article in the Denver Post this morning titled “Whose stadium is this, anyway?“. We all saw the terrible towels waving at the Invesco Field at Mile High – we even saw Hines Ward toss the ball to a crowd of Steelers fans after skipping into the end zone. But who would have thought that their own Denver Post columnist would have been so upset? Read the full article for a laugh, but in short,  Woody Paige said:

A revolting number of the Broncos’ players and coaches and a repulsive number of the Broncos’ alleged “fans” were no-shows and no-clues.

The 20,000 season-ticket holders who sold their seats — in every section, on every level — to the Steelers’ true loyalists should be ashamed. That wasn’t a home game for the Broncos. It was a neutralized site.

LOL, the rant doesn’t stop there:

Sick effort, Denver. If you don’t want your tickets, at least scalp them to people who bleed orange, blue, mustard and brown.

Super effort, Pittsburgh. The Steal City can snatch a stadium as well as the Continental Army captured Fort Ticonderoga. While the Steelers’ masses were cheering Ben Roethlisberger’s three touchdown passes, the Broncos’ (reduced) faithful were booing Kyle Orton’s three interceptions.