Snoop Dogg shows some Pittsburgh Steelers love

Snoop Dogg shows some Pittsburgh Steelers love (via @shills26)

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Everyone knows that Snoop D-O-Double-G is a big time Steelers fan. But who knew his love for the black and gold started from his love for a gang?

Snoop is an avid fan of hometown teams Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Lakers. Snoop is also an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan, which is mainly due to his affiliation with the Rollin’ 20s Crips, which sport the Pittsburgh jersey as its neighborhood emblem,[103] and is often seen wearing Pittsburgh Steelers apparel.

Actually, that’s probably not even true. The article that was cited on Wikipedia doesn’t mention anything about it. The next paragraph says:

… Snoop has mentioned that his love for the Steelers began in the 1970s during the team’s dynasty years while watching the team with his grandfather growing up in L.A. In the 2005 offseason, Snoop mentioned that he wanted to be an NFL head coach, “probably for the Steelers”. The following year, he was in attendance for the Steelers’ victory in Super Bowl XL and later in Super Bowl XLIII …

Snoop was interviewed on 9/24/09 and clarified how it all began:

How did you become a Steelers fan?
It was in the 70s watching them on television battle the Raiders. In California it was the Raiders or the Steelers and everyone was choosing the Raiders and I just couldn’t go with what everyone was going with. I wanted to go with the Steelers. I loved their attitude and the way they played and went out and won. I became a fan in the 70s and have been riding with them ever since.

Snoop in the Steelers’ Locker Room:





Remember Snoop’s ‘GIN AND JUICE 94’ Penguins jersey?

Snoop Dogg’s encouraging words to Sid the Kid…

See? That’s why all the ladies love Sidney Crosby – because he’s so nerdy and awkward at times like this.

Snoop: What’s up homeboy?

Sid: How are you?

Snoop: How you doin’ man?

Sid: Good, yourself?

Snoop: Pleasure to meet you, man.

Sid: You too, you too.

Snoop: I love what your doin’ man.

Sid: You too.

Snoop: Been down wit you since, before you even got in the league. You understand me? This is the man I was tellin’ you about kid. (awkward Sid laugh) The kid follow hockey, you know I know. And they think I’m a fake fan cuz I like you. I like what your doin’, you keep doin’ what your doin’. Pleasure to meet you.

Sid: Thanks, you too.

Snoop: You are the man. Sid the Kid with your big boss dog. You hear me? And I’m representing your number on here (his custom ‘Snoop Gretzkey The Great’ jersey) with the great ones, where I got you at?

Sid: Nice.

Snoop: You see you made with the great ones man.

Snoop: Thanks (awkward Sid laugh)

(Sid places his hands awkwardly on his hips)

Snoop: I’m tryna come to one of y’all games man

Sid: Yeah, you’ll have to…. make sure.

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