Pittsburgh Steelers 10-28-12 Throwback Uniforms 1934 Bumble Bee Jerseys

So who ran out and got themselves one of those snazzy throwback jerseys the Steelers wore yesterday in their victory over the Redskins? Who needed a Halloween costume and figured this would double as a bumble bee? The Steelers, who are celebrating their 80th season this year, unveiled these striped masterpieces in the offseason this year in remembrance of the 1934 team. That team went 2-10. The 2012 Steelers are 1-0 as bumble bees/prisoners.

The overall consensus seems to be that these uniforms are the ugliest thing ever, but come on, have you seen Tampa Bay’s creamsicles? They’re kind of growing on me now. My biggest problem are the pants. That heinous khaki color just makes those stripes all the more… um… pronounced. The Steelers players actually kind of like the uniforms. Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel commented, “I think the throwbacks are sweet. They are just like the ones in 1934. It’s a little bit of history. It’s always fun to go back in time. It’s always exciting when everyone comes out on the field in them ready to go.” With the team on the field the stripes were a bit overwhelming and distracting, which could be the reason Ben beamed an official with the ball on one play instead of a receiver.

Why throwbacks?

The biggest reason for a team to introduce a throwback jersey is to make us suckers buy them. The Steelers first unveiled their black top and white pants throwback uniforms for their 75th anniversary season (see pic below) and seem to wear them each year when the Ravens come to town. I, for one, am only a fan of the jerseys of those throwbacks. I think there’s something unnatural about white pants in a football uniform. There’s also something unnatural about being swept by the Ravens in the season so let’s all hope that streak gets broken as well.

By all accounts, the throwback bumble bee uniforms the Steelers wore this week were a success. They stopped RG3 in them and put together their best game so far this season. They might not be the best looking, but they sure are effective.

1934 Pittsburgh Steelers Team Photo

Steelers 75th Anniversary Season Throwback Jerseys