Flickr photo from wstera2

Troy Polamalu flickr photo from wstera2

The Steelers will be slamming shoulders with the Lions this afternoon. Is Troy Polamalu playing in Detroit tonight? No, he’s been showing up to practice the last few days but he’s not scheduled to play against the Lions today. The ligament in his left knee is still healing so they’re probably going to make him rest up until he can go full force against the Browns next week. Fast Willie Parker is also sitting out this game. He injured his left toe two weeks ago while playing against the Bengals. Rashard Mendenhall, lets do it again!

What channel is the game on? CBS (KDKA). Check back later for a link to listen to the game free online. UPDATE: Listen to the Steelers football game online for free here – No Pop-Ups, No Gimmicks!

For Field flickr photo by ifmuth

Ford Field flickr photo by ifmuth