Steelers lost to Ravens 10/3 - pic by @Trojan81

The worst of our fans are better than the best of theirs (pic via @Trojan81)

Ok, so the Steelers lost. While half the city is busy tweeting the word “sigh” and popping anti-depressants like candy corn, the other half doesn’t give a rats ass. Nevertheless, both sides sent out representatives to troll our Facebook wall. But even the worst of both halves of the city added together wouldn’t add up to be as douchebaggy as Ravens fans like these. At least Big Ben has a little weight off his shoulders. If the Steelers won yesterday then lost upon his return, he would have some major ‘splainin to do.  But then again, Ben Who? Even if you’re not a football zombie, you might get a kick out of the videos below… searching for a Jeff Reed pun to insert here.

So this is how Ravens fans celebrate a lucky win over the best football team in the NFL world? BORING.

What an exciting way to celebrate the big win. Definitely filing this one under WTF?

Oh man oh man crazy game crazy game oh man oh man. STFU.

The worst is saved for last. Mister Bag-o-douche.

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