• The Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins both have playoff hopes
  • Each team needs a certain scenario to unfold for their hopes to become reality
  • The Steelers need to win today and in addition, they need 2 out of 3 teams in front of them to lose (Jets, Ravens, or Texans)
  • If the Texans win, the Steelers need the Broncos to lose or tie
  • If Steelers don’t make it to the play-offs, they can blame their 5 straight losses earlier in the season (3 of them to really bad teams)
  • Ben Roethlisberger has 47 sacks so far
  • Steelers are a good overall team this season, bad road team
  • Best quarterback on the field is a Steeler; the best pass-rush on the field are Steelers
  • Pat Kirwan calls the Steelers the winners of this game 21-10

This ain’t no Chicken of the Sea, football fans! We’re going fishing for Dolphins in Miami! Go Steelers! Listen to the game live online at Boring Pittsburgh.