Mini Coopers at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Can you imagine Pittsburgh Steelers driving these to training camp?

This is old news, but @capnmorley brought it up. In episode 3 of the Cap’n Morley Show, the Cap’n called out the Steelers for arriving at training camp in a fleet of Mini Coopers. Seriously though, what were they thinking? And how much did P & W Motors pay them? Just kidding, no one in their right mind would want to use Ben Roethlisberger as a brand ambassador for Mini unless they were looking to destroy the brand – besides, these guys obviously would have looked much better in Smart Cars.

PS: according to WPXI, the bright idea was thought up by Max Starks last month because “he thought it’d be funny”… maybe they should stop joking around and just get ready for some football.

Find pics here, here and here

Who’s ready for football season?

We are! Here we go Steelers!