Hines Ward Retires a Steeler (Tribute Songs)

Thank you Hines Ward

Thank you Hines Ward (pic via AxsDeny)

Thank you Hines Ward! Not only for your effort on the field, and not only for retiring as a Pittsburgh Steeler, but most of all, thank you for that smile… and the good feelings. The tribute song that Star 100.7 FM put together says it all.

[audio:http://boringpittsburgh.com/audio/wzpt_good_feeling_hines_ward_steelers_tribute.mp3|titles=Thank You Hines Ward|artists=Star 100.7 Pittsburgh|loop=yes]

Submitted by @BubbasUgly

DVE Morning Show released a great Tribute song too:

[audio:http://boringpittsburgh.com/audio/hines-hines-dve-tribute-song.mp3|titles=Hines! Hines!|artists=DVE Morning Show Pittsburgh|loop=yes]

Submitted by @DVEproducerJess