In week six, Big Ben was let back on the field to crush the Cleveland Frowns, and the NFL was in town shooting a short flick about Steelers pride in Pittsburgh.

When it comes to the Steelers and this city, on the weekends it’s amazing to walk around because everyone’s in black and gold. It’s like that’s the weekend attire of Pittsburgh.

That’s true. You know it’s the weekend in Pittsburgh when yinzers go to Giant Eagle sporting their black and yellow camouflage pants. This is why the nightclubs here should enforce stricter dress codes. At least local companies are finding a way to turn Steelers gear into a good excuse to raise money for charity…

Every single kid who lives in the city of Pittsburgh, if they attend our urban public schools, live in our city neighborhoods, and if they perform at a 2.5 or higher GPA and show up 90% of the time, the promise is we’re going to send them to college on a scholarship.

With groups like this, there really is no excuse for not making it to college nowadays. High school students in the Burgh, all you have to do is go to class, do your homework and get good grades. Don’t be distracted by everything else. Education is something that will be with you forever… and if you do well, you can get as far away from this boring city as you want – even though you’ll probably find your way back. The moral of the story is that you should take advantage of this program! Learn more about The Pittsburgh Promise.

When Coach Tomlin speaks, people listen.

Maybe that’s because they are waiting for the deep, sexy, Isaac Hayes type voice.

While Roethlisberger has ceased to be a role model for some in town…

Understatement, LOL.

…Coach Tomlin, and players such as Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu, continue to be viewed as heroes worthy of being looked up to.

Troy Polamalu is the man. And everyone wants a head of hair like his. Hines Ward is pretty cool, too. But even Hines Ward wants hair like Troy’s.

For generations, the Steelers have stood as a symbol of strength and prosperity in Pittsburgh.

Yeah, tell that to the people of Braddock, PA. Just sayin’. The Steelers are cool and all, but the players and owners are the ones doing all the prospering. Everyone else just blows their paychecks on jerseys (buy yours here) and beer to watch the game. Go Steelers!

There is no greater source of pride for this town than the team’s record six Super Bowl titles.

That’s sad. Don’t we have anything else to be proud of in addition to the Super Bowl rings? Like Stanley Cups, a rich history, top-tier universities, etc, etc..

At Boring Pittsburgh, we know there is no greater source of pride for this town than the exclusive club known as Burgh Verified.

@MichaelSally gets all Hollywood on us!

@MichaelSally gets all Hollywood on us! (about 1:15 into the video)

Hey that guy in the video (at about 1:15) looks familiar! It’s Pittsburgh marathon runner Michael Sally. He’s been getting a lot of attention lately, first with an appearance in this video, then he was featured on Boring Pittsburgh when he called our tip-line and demanded that we give him a Burgh Verified t-shirt. It was all part of a contest, so please don’t try calling us to demand a shirt. Speaking of the shirt…

Burgh Verified t-shirts by Boring Pittsburgh

#BurghVerified t-shirts by @BoringPgh / worn by @MichaelSally / printed by @InkDivision

Do you have Steelers days at your job?