Steelers were going into the 1975 playoffs, defending Super Bowl champs. I was ordered by my bosses “come up with a gimmick that will (huh?) intensely and blow up with the Steelers fans.” So, mah, I came up wit a Terrible Towel and I went on the air on TV and radio, they had two weeks, you know for me to get this thing done. Throwing towels around and sayin’ to the fans “bring a yellow, gold or black towel to the game, will ya’? And if you don’t have one, buy one. You don’t wanna buy one dye one. So you know just any face towel or somethin’ like that. And I had no idea what would happen, and I show up the first game, my goodness there’s not a towel to be seen in the whole joint. And pals are droppin’ by my radio booth, (huh?) me “you’re a loser again, Cope” haaa,  so, what do ya’ know, the team comes ‘n appears in the tunnel for the introductions. From no where comes like 30,000 towels,  yellow, black, gold towels. What were they sittin’ on them, were did they have them in their coats? I had no idea. And then the next year, it was put on there, the Terrible Towel, you know, but it was just a plain old towel. But that first game, a minimum of three miracles did he deliver, and I had said when I introduced him and threw towels on the anchorman on the 11:00 news, and I said “The Terrible Towel is poised to strike,” boy did he strike.

So there you have it Steelers fans! Sure, we all knew that Myron Cope was the inventor of the Terrible Towel (duh, his name is on it!) but who knew the interesting story behind how it got started back in ’75! Since then, millions upon millions of towels have been sold all over the world. The Terrible Towel has even made it to the top of Everest and into space!

That first shot of the Three Rivers Stadium is priceless. The way Cope talks about the Terrible Towel in the third person is just a priceless.

He debuted in the playoffs in 1975, a long shot to make it. He bragged that he would provide for the playoffs miracles. But he (huh?) he had a house and home in the beginning. He emerged from the tunnel at Three Rivers Stadium, fearless, brash, boy he was something. He was there when Lynn made the leap. Geez, he was there when Bettis brought it back. And I promise you, he’ll be here tonight. My name is Myron Cope, 78 years young. 32 years ago, I took the gold towel and created a following. The Terrible Towel is poised to strike. Boy did he strike.

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