Troy Polamalu "Hairy Helmet" Antenna Balls

Troy Polamalu "Hairy Helmet" Antenna Balls

The Steelers Superfan is awesome, but another cool entry into the WHATEVER IT TAKES: Steelers Fan Collections, Rituals, and Obsessions are the Hairy Helmet antenna balls by local designer Nick Caruso.

I created these luscious locks. It’s Stiller bling for yer car antenna!

So you remember Yappin’ Yinzers right?  A Troy Polamalu antenna ball would be the perfect compliment to your Chipped Ham Sam doll. Imagine popping on your  Hairy Helmet right before a road trip to Cleveland or Cincinnati. Better yet, since they’re only 5 bucks each, buy a bunch of them and send them to your Stillers friends in other cities. We love Polalmalu and what better way to honor him than letting that beautiful head of hair blow in the wind.

Since we’re on the topic of local merchandise, it’s good to know that Nick Caruso also has a hand in the Campfire Goods t-shirt company. Check out their PA specific shirts here – most of which are Pittsburgh related, with shirts like Sir Sid, yinz, City of Steel, and more. The weather is about to be scorching hot, so it’s time to load up on some trendy tees for summer. Support a local artist and sport threads with sayings and icons from the Burgh.

Where can I buy Hairy Helmets?
On the simplest site you’ll ever use:

How much are they?
$5 each plus shipping ($3.25) or free shipping w/ 3 or more

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