Polalmalu Is My Homeboy shirt worn by @MacFusionGirl

"Polalmalu Is My Homeboy" shirt worn by @MacfusionGirl

The Pittsburgh Steelers will play a preseason game against the Detroit Lions tonight at Heinz Field. Actually, the game starts in about 20 minutes, so you might find some typos in this article.

The picture is from an Apple Systems Engineer (and Steelers fan) in California known as MacfusionGirl. She let the world know that she was foregoing her Steelers jersey for her “Polamalu Is My Homeboy” t-shirt. Cool shirt. It’s available from BelieveMerch.com for $25.99 ($18.99 for the chicks version). They have some other badass designs like the “Sidney Crosby Is My Homeboy” shirt for those who prefer hockey over football.

While we’re on the topic of Mr. Polamalu, most of you are probably aware the he recently (7/23/10 @ 3:33pm) made his entrance into the wonderful world of Twitter.

Amy Fisher TPolamalu – Neither sound or light can escape todays social network I dont know why I thought I could but today I surrender to the tweeting revolution.

Within a day or two, the dude had at least 12,000 followers – today he has 17,501 and growing. The select group of tweeps (35 to be exact) that he has chosen to follow is kind of interesting. Other than some members of his family (Alex Holmes being one of them), he is also following:

So what’s the point? No point, really. But how awesome would it be if Troy Polamalu got #BurghVerified? This is our goal. To get our favorite hairy helmet on the Master List. Maybe if all of the members tweeted @TPolamalu with reasons why he should be part of the group, he would be more inclined to join. Let’s work together on this! Let’s get Troy Polamalu Burgh Verified!

Welcome back, boys!
Let’s get seven in twenty eleven! Go Steelers!