Troy Polamalu's March Madness Bracket Challenge!

Win Troy's Stuff!

Troy Polamalu announced his latest contest yesterday which is centered around the NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament. This is your chance to win an autographed Polamalu jersey! All you have to do is fill out a free online bracket here and beat Troy’s picks! Continue for the details…

What if Troy is just as good at filling out his bracket as he is at dominating in the game of football?
No problem! You still have a chance to beat one of his friends for more chances to win other cool stuff!

Never filled out a college basketball bracket before?
No worries, it’s easy! Just create a Yahoo account (or sign in using your existing account) and click here for Troy’s bracket challenge.

What if I don’t follow college basketball?
It’s ok! Yahoo will guide you through the choices and show you statistics based on the rest of the population’s bracket picks. It’s ultimately a guessing game anyway, since you never know what will happen in a game. You can make you guess based on team/player stats, or the colors of the jerseys. It’s a single elimination tournament, so technically anything could happen!

When is the deadline to submit the bracket?
You have until Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 12:15pm EDT

BTW, who are Troy’s friends?

Read the Tweets!

Troy Polamalu tpolamaluI set up a Yahoo! Group. It’s easy to fill in a bracket. Join us, maybe you’ll win something cool. @ike_swagginu is in too
Ike Taylor Ike_SwagginU@tpolamalu i just set my bracket and made all my picks just hand me the prize now cuz ima win it anyway SWAGGIN
Alex Holmes Trojan81@Jrm390 the overall #1 wins the jersey,the people who finish directly ahead of me @troyshair @wildhairmedia & @Ike_SwagginU win other stuff
Troy Polamalu tpolamaluIf you are the person who finishes right in front of @Ike_SwagginU You will win a signed ball from him
Alex Holmes Trojan81@JJASPER25 this is my first bracket ever, i dont know SHI*
Troy Polamalu tpolamaluHappy to say @LaMarrWoodley has joined the bracket. Can you beat him?

OMG It’s So Easy!

Troy Polamalu March Madness Bracket Challenge Instructions

Click this image to go to Troy's bracket challenge on Yahoo!

Help! I don’t know which teams to pick!

We can’t think of another star athlete or celebrity as engaging and giving to their fans as Troy Polamalu. He is known for holding contests all season long, giving fans various prizes such as autographed posters, jerseys, and tickets to his very own seats at Heinz Field! Steelers fans around the world truly appreciate Troy’s ability on the field – and it’s clear that Troy appreciates his fans equally as much. We know you’re a fan, so get in on the action! Follow @tpolamalu on twitter for chances to win Troy’s Stuff!

Good Luck!

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