This video was recently posted on YouTube (garnering about 43k views in two weeks) featuring a clip of a football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys on 10/28/1979. At about a minute into the video they interrupted a dramatic commercial for Tin Can Alley and started showing two unidentified flying objects that were hovering around in the sky above the Three Rivers Stadium.

Boring Pittsburgh wants to know what you guys think. Real UFOs or not?

Skip to about 0:55 seconds to get to the UFOs (unless you have a thing for watching vintage commercials, then start from the beginning).

Show me your leader…

I want you to explain that to me —– (sounds like he said “shut the f*ck”)

Well, I’m afraid to. This one of a Twilight Zone football game we’re having.

Those are some kind of ah… I don’t know what they were. Pittsburgh is… this is where the rivers come together, but I didn’t know about that.

Art Rooney before the game, wonderful fellow that’s in charge of this ball club, has been since the day of the first —– the old commission.

Aw yeah, every time I see him he asks me if I want to come back and kick.

I heard one time he wanted you to coach this team before Noll did.

He did, yeah. Offered me the job. I don’t know why.

I can’t figure out why you didn’t take it.

Cause I forgot how many play by that time. Long count.

What are those things flying around up there?

Well that’s just… some kind of illusion.

Hehe, well I hope we get another look at them.

(changing the subject) If you ever do get a coaching job, I’d like to get a job just to bed check and uh do things that are important around the training facility.

You’d be my first employee.

There it is.

Now what is that?

It keeps saying “take us to your leader,” I don’t know.

Now that’s another guy I’m gonna’ hire, whoever is responsible for that.

Still frame images of the UFOs

UFOs hovering over the Steelers/Cowboys game on 10/28/1979

UFOs hovering over the Steelers/Cowboys game on 10/28/1979

Take us to your leader

Who cares about an alien invasion when the Steelers are in the middle of crushing the Cowboys 14 to 3? Yes, those were UFOs. What’s the big frickin’ deal? They obviously came to watch Franco Harris and company play a good game of Steelers football!

UFO at the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys game of 10/28/1979

FTR: The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys on 10/28/1979

Church of Wiz Khalifa

The second best part of the clip is at the end when the game is over and they jump to a 60 Minutes commercial (video below).

There’s a church in Florida that believes marijuana comes from God; that smoking pot is a holy ritual. If the court rules in their favor, it could affect marijuana laws everywhere. 60 Minutes, tonight on CBS.

Thick Rise. You can’t even shake it off.