BPGH recently stumbled upon (and immediately subscribed to) a new YouTube channel called The Dish with Trish. She’s put out a few videos about the Steelers and other humorous tidbits of Burgh culture. One of the episodes features “jaggers” as the Pittsburgh Word of the Week (as seen above) and if she does something like this every week, her channel is bound to become a hit. It shouldn’t be too difficult since we all know this city has enough ridiculous vocabulary to cover at least a year of material.

Some viewers might wonder if Trish is putting on a manufactured Pixburgh shtick in her vlogs? Maybe, but we really hope she keeps it up – in fact, the more she exaggerates it, the funnier it would be.

And since we’re on the topic of Pittsburgh and ridiculousness… the city was one point away (23-22) from being committed to Western Psych for symptoms of depression and gloom, but thankfully the Steelers beat the Dolphins (and Pittsburgh native Lousaka Polite) in Miami on Sunday. We’re looking forward to getting the Steelers Dish from Trish the day after the game.

Speaking of Pittsburgh vloggers… where has that jag-off Cap’n Morley been hiding?

Oh yeah, one more thing… if you are interested in learning more Pittsburghese as they call it, check out Yappin’ Yinzers!

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