Mike Comrie or Jeff Reed.. Who does Pittsburgh hate more?

Who does Pittsburgh Hate More? Vote below! (Comrie pic: ztil301/Reed pic: coebabelghoti)

Mike Comrie got scratched again. You know, the million-heir that moved here with his new wife to take a new job with the Pens in a new arena. Back in September, we wrote about how Comrie was going to love the Burgh because “Pittsburgh has some of the most loyal sports fans in the world.” Now, only two months later, he is facing the opposite extreme. Pens fans are tearing the guy apart.

Despite the rabid fans in town, the newlyweds seem to be enjoying Pittsburgh overall… with exception to Hilary’s recently confessed boredom:

Hilary Duff HilarybeeC@HaylieK I miss you seeter! Come to pitt already! Cmon cmon I bored with out youuuu!

And even though Mike Comrie was the one to score the very first goal in the Consol Energy Center, 81 seconds into the game, he hasn’t been able to meet the expectations of Pens fans. After digging a bit deeper into some of the frustrations the fans have, we couldn’t ignore the intense animosity towards this guy:

Megan McConville Megdawg817Remember when I said how much I fucking hate Mike Comrie when we signed him & never stopped hating him? Welcome to my bandwagon.

kristiana bredhoff kristianaaaaaaremember that time mike comrie was a help to the pens in the regular season? yeah me niether

Dorminic Ong dorminic_oyhMike Comrie just scored. I’m unable to suspend reality any more. #NHL11

Damian Romano JagrmeisterFound another glitch in NHL11. Mike Comrie scored.

Joe Yerdon HockeyJoePHTI’d say the honeymoon is over for Mike Comrie in Pittsburgh. Hopefully the honeymoon is still on for him with Hillary Duff.

Ozman51 Ozman51Mike Comrie, go ahead and pack your bags. I mean Satan would seriously be a better option. #Rangers 1 #Pens 0 3rd 16:26

Teresa believeinfleuryI really hate mike comrie

Joe DeniedByFleuryI hate Mike Comrie. #whatmakesmeayinzer

Courtney withlove23xMike Comrie scratched again? OH THIS JUST BREAKS MY HEART. Lmfao, sure ūüėõ


Yeah, we know, it’s boring to hear a bunch of “loyal” sports fans rip into players on their own team the way they are ripping into Mike Comrie. But it just comes with the territory of losing. And this city hates to lose.

Maybe the loyalty Pittsburgh has for its sports teams is limited to the Steelers. Even after all the scandals, Big Ben didn’t attract as much disdain. Jeff Reed on the other hand, that’s a completely different story:

Stacey Patterson StaceyLeigh6387Ahh so happy the Pittsburgh Steelers got rid of Jeff Reed, i truly hate him, because what he has done!

Amanda. tangerbabii58hahaha good bye Jeff Reed. take your “haters gonna hate” shirt with you.

Paul Jesse sandiegopjYes Jeff, we hate you, but not b/c we’re haters. It’s b/c you not only miss kicks, but are a GIANT DOUCHE!

Laynie Tell goaligoskiyes Jeff Reed, “haters hate.” I hate you and I’m gonna keep hating you, you ass.

Colin Curry ColinCurry6I hate you jeff reed

Ben Black infielders3I hate jeff reed

Geoffrey D. Wessel gdwesselJeff Reed: I hate you. So. Much. GTFO the team.

Trey Isaac shortdawg713I HATE YOU JEFF REED!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!

Brandon Solomon branDAWG494LOut of all the kickers in the NFL. I hate Jeff Reed the most. His legs are so fat. They piss me off.

Now it’s time for you to unleash your anger and frustration, Pittsburgh. Who do you hate more? Think carefully, you can only pick one…

Who does Pittsburgh hate more?
Jeff Reed or Mike Comrie?

For the record, we don’t hate either of these guys. We’re poking fun at the sports fans who hate them.

Haters gonna hate.