AJ Burnett Pittsburgh Pirates Zombies T-ShirtBoring Pittsburgh spotted Pirates pitcher AJ Burnett sporting a Zombies tee in an interview on the MLB Network. This shirt is available at Steel City Cotton Works ($24.99). AJ has been seen in several of their tees in recent media coverage. Carly from Steel City Cotton Works told us, “We’re so glad he’s a fan of ours because we’re a big fan of his.”

In October, it is a rare occasion for Pittsburgh fans to see the Pirates, Penguins and Steelers all playing at the same time. The Buccos are in the playoffs, the Pens are starting out strong and the Steelers, uh… Back in the 1970’s, the Pirates, Steelers and Panthers all won multiple championships, and from that point on Pittsburgh was known as the City of Champs! Steel City Cotton Works has this new tee for all Pittsburgh fans, past and present ($24.99).

City of Champs Tee

Yinz might not be into Pittsburgh sports, but at least you know that the Burgh is regarded as the zombie capital of the world. This started back in 1978 when the cult horror film Dawn of the Dead was released. The George A. Romero classic was shot at the Monroeville Mall – which still hosts zombie crawls in honor of the movie to this day. And yes, there’s a tee for that ($24.99). What looks like a nice illustration of the mall reveals a much scarier situation upon closer inspection! Shoppers beware: this mall will cost you an arm and a leg! Just in time for Halloween.

Monroeville Mall Arm and a Leg Zombies Tee