Get laced up for Boring Pittsburgh’s coverage of the Pittsburgh Marathon with our very own Trina, Ryan (@dubstarawesome), Dustin (@thebeardyboy), Sereny (@slurreny), and Michael (@michaelsally). Race day is Sunday, May 5, 2013 at 7am. Check back for special post-event articles and videos!

Race Day Hashtags:

Twitter hashtags for the race: #RunnerOfSteel #PGHMarathon #RaceBlogPGH.

A Runner’s Perspective (Ashley):

The Pittsburgh half marathon will be my first half marathon. Over a year ago I was about to graduate from undergrad, and really out of shape, so I took up running. I started out with a goal of running my first ever 5k, then I pushed myself to run more, and over the summer my goal was to keep running at least 3 days a week, and be able to run 7 miles. Then when I started grad school in the fall, my goal was to complete a 10k in less than an hour, which I made in my fastest run ever (49.15 minutes). That feeling of surpassing my goal is what made me sign up for the Pittsburgh half marathon. I felt like a million bucks after beating my goal, and receiving a medal, I felt like a little kid again, and I felt great!

My goals for the half marathon are to finish and have fun. I have not been able to prepare myself as well as I had hoped for the half, but I know on race day I will be ready, and will finish no matter what it takes.

My heart goes out to those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing, competing is hard enough but having to go through such hurt and fear is even harder. For the race this weekend, I am a little nervous, but not for security. I believe that there are extra precautions in place, and I am not going to let the Boston bombers win by being afraid to run.

Trina Interviews a Runner:

With this weekend’s Marathon coming up I wanted to know what the mindset of an actual competitor was. I asked a few local runners who are signed up for the marathon for their thoughts on the upcoming race. Here’s was Stacy’s response:

Why are you running?

To keep myself from being lazy. If I don’t sign up for anything I’ll find excuses not to run.

Have you run in a marathon before?

Yes, I ran the Philadelphia Half in 2011.

What has your training been like?

I started training in early February. Training consisted of 2-3 short runs a week and one long run per week.

What is your goal?

It would be nice to beat my first half time (2:14), but ultimately I just want to finish. I haven’t trained as hard as I wanted to this past month due to a heavy credit load and my grandfather’s passing.

Are you worried about security?

No concerns at all. I honestly feel like this is probably the safest time to run since security will be amped up due to the tragedy in Boston.

Pittsburgh Marathon Road Closures Map:

60,000 plus people will be cheering the runners and the rest of you will probably be sleeping in. But just in case you get the urge to get pancakes at Square Cafe in the morning, check out the visual for detours first…

Pittsburgh Marathon Road Closures Map

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