Thursday , 28 May 2015

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2014 Pittsburgh Pirates new logo (concept)

New Style Pittsburgh Pirates Logo 2013 by Bryan Brunsell

The Pittsburgh Pirates recently announced they’re looking to update the buccaneer logo and are asking for fan input. Since I’m a local designer, I figured I’d fuse my passion for sports and creativity and submit my own design for consideration. Bob Gessner was the artist behind the 1968-1987 “friendly pirate” logo. I know Bob, and he has inspired me for this ...

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Should We All Boycott the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Boycott the Pittsburgh Pirates group on Facebook

Boring Pittsburgh was invited to a Facebook group called “Boycott the Pittsburgh Pirates“. We thought it was a joke at first – or an attempt at revenge by the fired Pierogie mascot… but after reading the wall posts, it was clear that these were some pissed off fans. While the boycott doesn’t appear to be a successful one yet, they’re ...

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Pittsburgh Pirates Pierogi Mascot Fired-Rehired

Pierogi Race Mascot was kicked to the curb over Facebook opinions (flickr pic via jmd41280)

It’s sad when the only exciting part about going to a ball game is the city skyline and a race between men posing as pierogis. Come on, you know the feeling… a friend had a change in plans so he gave you his Pirates tickets. You go to work and tell everyone at the water cooler: “that’s right, guys, I’m ...

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