Friday , 29 May 2015

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Burgh Verified Member of the Month: Becky Cibulka (@SaborPgh)

Becky Cibulka @SaborPgh - Burgh Verified Member of the Month: September

Ah September, the autumnal equinox finds us again and students of all ages head back to school. To celebrate both, Boring Pittsburgh would like to introduce yinz to the Burgh Verified MOTM: Becky Cibulka aka @SaborPgh aka Ms. Cibulka aka Señorita Cibulka. Becky is a Spanish teacher and writer of a local Latino/Hispanic blog called Sabor Pgh. Veronica Varos chose ...

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Pittsburgh Firsts

Boring Pittsburgh #BurghVerified Cupcake by Steel City Confections

Pittsburgh’s number one (we just know you can’t get that song out of your head), but the city has also been first in a lot of different areas. As Charlie Sheen would say: winning. also knows a few things about being first. For example, the first ever “cupcake of the month” at Steel City Confections was the Boring Pittsburgh ...

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Burgh Verified Radio Debut With Zack Williams

ZackStar1007 – Gave @BoringPGH a shout on the air tonight and now I’m #BurghVerified WooHoo! You really should follow @BoringPGH – trust me! If you were tuned in to Pittsburgh’s Star 100.7 FM at about 7:10pm, then you heard the awesome shout-out from Zack Williams as part of his initiation into the #BurghVerified club. Click above to listen to the ...

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Pittsburgh Vloggers

Michael Warbux - Pittsburgh vlogger and #BurghVerified!

We’ve been wanting to do a post about local vloggers for a while, then Michael Warbux gave us a good reason by sporting a #BurghVerified tee in a viral episode about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. There aren’t many out there (and it might take a bit of searching to hunt them down), but Pittsburgh does have vloggers. No, not ...

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Ink Division Printing prints our Burgh Verified tees!

We’re giving away one of the exclusive Burgh Verified shirts today to anyone on Twitter that tweets us a pic of something they feel is #BurghVerified. The pic with the most retweets wins the shirt. Contest ends at 6:00pm. Pic must be tweeted to us (@BoringPGH) and include the tag #BurghVerified so we can track it. Oh yeah, and you ...

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@MichaelSally Demands a #BurghVerified Shirt

You know the drill. Send me the t-shirt. Today seemed like a great day to give away a free #BurghVerified t-shirt, so we asked our followers to call the tip-line and leave a message about why they should get the shirt. Pittsburgh marathon runner Michael Sally was the most convincing (and demanding). We can’t wait for his next picture run!

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