Friday , 22 May 2015

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S. Craig Street Starbucks Getting a Makeover


The Starbucks between U. Pitt and CMU is being remodeled. If it’s anything like any of their other new layouts, the vibe will be a little on the dark side with weird seating arrangements. They are also rumored to be getting the Clover brewing system which costs around $4 per cup. Worth it, and only available in four other places ...

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FreshBurgh: Online Grocery Shopping and Food Delivery

FreshBurgh Grocery Delivery in Pittsburgh

Get ready lazy shoppers! A new start-up is in town to alleviate the boring task of grocery getting. CMU student Shaun Blackburn is developing a system to bring online food shopping and delivery to Pittsburgh. It’s called FreshBurgh. They’re asking for your participation as they attempt to find the neighborhoods with the most demand for this service. All you have ...

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Featured Pittsburgh Kickstarter: The Sisters of Lattice Mystical Conjoined Twins

Sisters of the Lattice

This Pittsburgh based Kickstarter project recently exceeded their goal of raising $5,000 in funding. The Sisters of Lattice will use the proceeds to begin their TransAmerican Tour and corresponding film (Fall 2012). Va and Vaa (Agnes Bolt and Nina Sarnelle) are synthetically conjoined twins determined to travel across the globe sharing a groundbreaking futurist theology based on the universal power of ...

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Kiva Han Oakland Closed For Good

Kiva Han Coffee Shop Closed For Good

There’s something about saying “closed for good.” Kiva Han Cafe poured their last drink today (2/19/2012), but is it for good – or for bad? Some might be impressed that this locally-owned coffee shop lasted for more than 10 years, despite the Starbucks positioned directly across the street.

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Waiting in Line to Leave the Burgh

Carnegie Mellon students rushing out of Pittsburgh for winter break

This is how bad CMU students want to get out of Pittsburgh! They were waiting in a line that wrapped all the way up the street and around the corner to hop on the 28X airport flyer. Well, at least they’re making use of our public transportation system…

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