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OMG CMU - A funny Facebook page about life at Carnegie Mellon

A new community page recently popped up on Facebook to help alleviate the pains of being a Carnegie Mellon University student. OMG CMU is a funny an innovative social outlet for voicing complaints and observations around the campus. Taking ourselves less seriously one photo at a time. The page is a major hit so far, proving that a healthy dose ...

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This Just In: Mark Zuckerberg Becomes Mark ZuckerBURGH

Boy Billionaire Changes Name To Zuckerburgh For The Day In Pittsburgh This is what the newspaper headlines should look like this morning in Pittsburgh, but they don’t. Which is why we don’t understand how the story became such a big deal last week after Carnegie Mellon University issued their press-release about Mark Zuckerberg coming to Pittsburgh November 8, 2011. Since ...

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“Elixir” Filming in Schenley Park

Elixir Filming in Schenley Park in Pittsburgh

 One Shot “Elixir,” an ABC (Disney) musical production (codeword BOSS) with Chelsea Kane, Jane Seymour, and Sara Paxton is taking over Schenley Park near Phipps Conservatory (behind Carnegie Mellon) for a few days. The crew has set up base camp along Schenley Drive (map), and will be blocking Panther Hollow Bridge traffic throughout the day. It looks like a major ...

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Batman: Dark Knight Rises Set Pics and Videos – Part 3

Christian Bale as Batman on the set of Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh

Batman made an appearance in Pittsburgh today during the filming of the Dark Knight Rises, taking place at CMU’s Mellon Institute. They have Fifth Avenue blocked off between S. Bellefield Ave and S. Craig St. The day included snow, fake pillars, lots of fighting extras, and a very special appearance by Pittsburgh rain.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Filming at CMU – PICS!

Batman filming at CMU in July/August

Holy bagpipes, Batman! Magnus Rex The Dark Knight will be filming around Carnegie Mellon University in Oakland at the end of July and throughout the beginning of August! Boring Pittsburgh doesn’t want to spoil the story, but trust us when we tell you that these are going to be among some of the most important, action-packed scenes in the movie! ...

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Boring Links Week 19

Carnegie Mellon is now part of the Nouveau Ivy League Students from schools like CMU have a complex about not getting into real Ivy League schools so they came up with their own list of New Ivies. Fresh Pittsburgh start-up: Krowder Thanks to Krowder, you can make money with your pick-up truck instead of always helping your “friends” for nothing. ...

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Jagoffs with Hacksaw Cut the Fence at CMU (pics!)

The Fence at CMU was vandalized with a hacksaw

When Boring Pittsburgh first got word that some jagoffs tried sawing the Fence at CMU, thoughts of a gas powered chainsaw screaming its way through thousands of layers of paint crossed our minds. Then it was released that the douchebags only had a measly hacksaw and were spotted midway through their attempt at turning the 95 year old tradition into ...

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