Sunday , 24 May 2015

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Tekkoshocon X-2 Japanese Pop Culture Convention


Fulfill your manga fantasies this weekend at Tekkoshocon X-2 in Pittsburgh. The three day convention celebrates many forms of Japanese pop culture from anime to RPGs. They even have a big cosplay fashion show and contest. Who is going to be there? Cristina Vee, Chris Cason, Tommy Yune, Tony Oliver, David J. Fielding, Uncle Yo, Initial P and more. Where ...

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Anthrocon Ranked 3rd Weirdest Convention in the World

Anthrocon Furries

Our good friends over at Anthrocon have been added to an important list! You guys know we usually hate lists around here, but this one is pretty interesting: 13 Of The Weirdest Conventions From Around The World. The anthropomorphic convention came in at number 3! They were just below the Celebrity Impersonator Convention and Twins Days. Why in the world ...

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This Just In: Megabus Riders Kicked to Another Curb for Littering

Pittsburgh Megabus stop moved

Megabus Riders Forced to Take Their Waste Elsewhere. No Longer Welcome Under David L. Lawrence Convention Center Roof. It was our pleasure to be among the first to announce the Megabus reemergence in Pittsburgh. Since then, countless yinzers and jagoffs have been able to meet up outside of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, board a big, blue and yellow, ...

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Anthrocon 2010: Furries Are Here

Anthrocon 2010 Pittsburgh Furry Party!

The Anthrocon 2010 convention in Pittsburgh has begun! That’s right, our fun-loving furry friends have arrived in the Burgh.You might have already seen some Furries running around the city… because the party started Thursday. But don’t worry, the fun will continue through June 27th! Anthrocon is the largest celebration of anthropomorphism in the world. Anthropom-what?!  Anthropomorphism, or the fascination with ...

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$1 Bus Rides From Pittsburgh to New York is providing bus rides from Pittsburgh to New York for extremely low rates!

Are there really bus rides from Pittsburgh to New York for $1 each way? Yeah, it’s true! Starting May 4, 2010, you can reserve a seat on a charter from the Burgh to NYC.  That might be your cheapest way out of Boring Pittsburgh to a land where businesses stay open past 8pm.

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